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Diverse think pieces on Genocide, both
past and present

The Call is a new blog by Genocide Watch created as a space for Genocide Watch staff, Alliance Against Genocide Members, and other passionate contributors to share their thoughts and opinions about genocide. The Call build's upon Genocide Watch's current mission and our founder Dr. Gregory Stanton's vision for a world without genocide.

The meaning behind "The Call"

"I believe the International Campaign to End Genocide in the twenty-first century will someday be seen in the same way we see the anti-slavery movement of the nineteenth century.  It is time in human history to end genocide, the worst of all crimes against humanity.  There were those in the nineteenth-century who said that slavery couldn’t be ended because the economic forces that supported it were too great, that it was human nature, or even worse, that it was ordained by religion.  There will be similar defeatism about the movement to abolish genocide.  There has always been genocide, so it must be part of human nature.  The world political order is not yet developed enough to prevent and stop it.  Or, worst of all, genocide is ordained by jihad or ethnic purity or religion."

Dr. Gregory Stanton 

Founder and Director of Genocide Watch

Full article available for download:

"The Call" by Gregory H. Stanton

Published in Samuel Totten & Steven L. Jacobs

Pioneers in Genocide Studies © Transaction Publishers 2002

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