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Diverse think pieces on Genocide, both
past and present

The Call is a blog by Genocide Watch created as a space for Genocide Watch staff, Alliance Against Genocide Member organizations, and other contributors to share their thoughts and opinions about genocide. The Call builds upon Genocide Watch's mission and our founder Dr. Gregory Stanton's vision for a world without genocide.

The meaning behind "The Call"

"I believe the Alliance Against Genocide in the twenty-first century will someday be seen in the same way we see the anti-slavery movement of the nineteenth century.  It is time in human history to end genocide, the worst of all crimes against humanity.

 Ultimately the best antidote to genocide is popular education and the development of social and cultural tolerance for diversity.  That is why Genocide Watch and the Alliance Against Genocide hope to educate people around the world to resist genocidal forces whenever they see them. We strongly favor nonviolent resistance to tyranny. We strongly favor the liberation of women. We oppose all war.
Finally the movement that will end genocide must come not from international armed interventions, but rather from popular resistance to every form of discrimination; dehumanization, hate speech, and formation of hate groups; rise of political parties that preach hatred, racism or xenophobia; rule by polarizing elites that advocate exclusionary ideologies; police states that massively violate human rights; closure of borders to international trade or communications; and denial of past genocides or crimes against humanity against victim groups. 
The movement that will end genocide in this century must arise from each of us who have the courage to challenge discrimination, hatred, and tyranny.  We must never let the wreckage of humanity's barbaric past keep us from envisioning a peaceful future when law and democratic freedom will rule the earth."

Dr. Gregory Stanton 

Founding President of Genocide Watch

Full article available for download:

"The Call" by Gregory H. Stanton

Published in Samuel Totten & Steven L. Jacobs

Pioneers in Genocide Studies © Transaction Publishers 2002

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