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"Conversations on Genocide" is a podcast series that brings together legal experts, historians, human rights activists, and survivors to explore the complexities of genocide. Through engaging discussions, it aims to deepen understanding of genocide and foster global commitment to preventing future genocides.

Episode #5

Tanzania's Maasai and the Threat of Genocide with Joseph Moses Oleshangay

Why are the Maasai people being evicted from their lands in Tanzania? In today’s episode of Conversations on Genocide, Aline is speaking with Maasai human rights lawyer Joseph Moses Oleshangay. They discuss the historical and current factors responsible for the forced displacement of the Maasai people and its impact on the community’s culture.

Episode 4:

Genocide and Gendered Violence with Esther Brito Ruiz

In what ways do sexual and gender-based violence shape the dynamics of genocide? In today’s episode of Conversations on Genocide, Aline is speaking with researcher Esther Brito Ruiz. They discuss the interplay of gender-based violence, cultural genocide, and how a gendered lens can improve the process of genocide recognition and response.

Episode 3:

The Rohingya Genocide: A Legal Perspective with Regina Paulose

In what ways does applying an international law perspective to the Rohingya genocide help us better understand its history? In today’s episode of Conversations on Genocide, Aline is in conversation with International Criminal Law Attorney Regina Paulose. They discuss the historicity as well as the present status of the Rohingya genocide and delve deeper into the effectiveness and progress of International Law measures in serving justice to the Rohingya community.

Episode 2:

A Conversation With Dr. Amy Randall

How did the current definition of genocide come into existence? Why is it important to conceptualize genocide from a gendered lens? In today’s episode of Conversations on Genocide, Podcast Team member Aline explores these questions and many others with Dr. Amy Randall, a History Professor at Santa Clara University.

Episode 1:

Welcome to Conversations on Genocide

Welcome to our new podcast series, Conversations on Genocide! In today’s episode, Podcast Team members Aline, Prabhleen, and Tiina introduce the podcast’s format and a few topics that will be featured in future episodes.

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