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Joseph Moses Oleshangay

Please see this list for further reading on what Joseph discussed in his episode. Use the links below to access the resources or visit your local library.

• Weldemichel, T. (2021) Making land grabbable: stealthy dispossession by conservation in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania. Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space, 5(4), 2052-2072.
• Oleshangay, J. (2022). Sudden leap into darkness: the case of the Maasai in Ngorongoro. A Contrario.
• Oleshangay, J. (2023). Stop repression in Tanzania: a report from the ground on the situation in Ngorongoro, Tanzania. The Left Berlin.
• Oleshangay, D. (2023). Conservation racism in Ngorongoro: a tragic loss of common sense and leadership. MwanzoTV.
• Singo, L. (2022). When Maasaiphobia became policy. The Republic.
• Oleshangay, J. (2023). The majority settled community views nomadic and pastoral Maasai in Tanzania as a threat. DownToEarth.
• Oleshangay, J. (2021). What president Samia needs to know about Ngorongoro. The Chanzo Initiative.
• Oleshangay, J. (2022). Unmasking government controversial proposals in Ngorongoro. The Chanzo Initiative.
• Tanzania: “We have lost everything”: Forced evictions of the Maasai in Loliondo. Amnesty International.
• Tanzania: Maasai forcibly displaced for game reserve. Human Rights Watch.
• Losing the Serengeti: the Maasai land that was to run forever. Oakland Institute.
• Oleshangay, J. (2022). Ngorongoro Conservation Area: not our world heritage site: a history of exclusion and marginalization of Maasai residents. OHCHR.

Please also see this pdf to read excerpts from Joseph Oleshangay’s diary:

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